When I meet a person who remembers everything it arouse my suspicion.
Due to the fact that a regular human being cannot remember everything all the time we forced to use some supplemental information for recollection of things.

When we work in Unix/Linux OS, the quickest way to get help information is to use "man" utility. But it seems to me that the authors of the Man Pages forgot how to code a program since not one of those cumbersome explanations followed by example of code.

Example: Please, click on word qsort. Very clear explanations of how "qsort" function works. If programmer knows how "qsort" works and just has forgot syntax, maybe it is enough for recalling. But I am sure, that no one can use this indeed good and short explanation to create some part of program that use "qsort", especially if the goal is to sort record not by first field. Please, click again on word qsort. It is my manual page for "qsort" function. I did not change any words from previous page, just added code that SHOWS how this function works. Now I am sure that if somebody will not create code what uses "qsort", this guy should to forgot about programming. Note, when there is 'output'; it means that the code is the real code, not an abstraction.

But it is just first step. My principle is "Select + Copy + Paste". Paste this code into your program, change names of variables, change number of fields, and you have 15-20 saved minutes for you life.

I hope that when I finish this page as I plan, you will give you an opportynity to save a lot of time by using it. Enjoy!