Most declarations of functions from /usr/include/stdio.h
Linux, SuSE 7.3, gcc -v 2.95.3

/* Remove file FILENAME. */ extern int remove (__const char *__filename); /* Rename file OLD to NEW. */ extern int rename (__const char *__old, __const char *__new); /* Create a temporary file and open it read/write. */ extern FILE *tmpfile (void); /* Generate a temporary filename. */ extern char *tmpnam (char *__s); extern char *tempnam (char *__s); /* Close STREAM. */ extern int fclose (FILE *__stream); /* Flush STREAM, or all streams if STREAM is NULL. */ extern int fflush (FILE *__stream); /* Close all streams. */ extern int fcloseall (void); /* Open a file and create a new stream for it. */ extern FILE *fopen ( __const char *__restrict __filename, __const char *__restrict __modes); /* Open a file, replacing an existing stream with it. */ extern FILE *freopen ( __const char *__restrict __filename, __const char *__restrict __modes, FILE *__restrict __stream); /* If BUF is NULL, make STREAM unbuffered. Else make it use buffer BUF, of size BUFSIZ. */ extern void setbuf (FILE *__restrict __stream, char *__restrict __buf); /* If BUF is NULL, make STREAM unbuffered. Else make it use SIZE bytes of BUF for buffering. */ extern void setbuffer (FILE *__restrict __stream, char *__restrict __buf, size_t __size); /* Write formatted output to STREAM. */ extern int fprintf (FILE *__restrict __stream, __const char *__restrict __format, ...); /* Write formatted output to stdout. */ extern int printf (__const char *__restrict __format, ...); /* Write formatted output to S. */ extern int sprintf (char *__restrict __s, __const char *__restrict __format, ...); /* Maximum chars of output to write in MAXLEN. */ extern int snprintf (char *__restrict __s, size_t __maxlen, __const char *__restrict __format, ...) /* Read formatted input from STREAM. */ extern int fscanf (FILE *__restrict __stream, __const char *__restrict __format, ...); /* Read formatted input from stdin. */ extern int scanf (__const char *__restrict __format, ...); /* Read formatted input from S. */ extern int sscanf (__const char *__restrict __s, __const char *__restrict __format, ...); /* Read a character from STREAM. */ extern int fgetc (FILE *__stream); extern int getc (FILE *__stream); /* Read a character from stdin. */ extern int getchar (void); /* Write a character to STREAM. */ extern int fputc (int __c, FILE *__stream); extern int putc (int __c, FILE *__stream); /* Write a character to stdout. */ extern int putchar (int __c); /* Get a newline-terminated string of finite length from STREAM. */ extern char *fgets (char *__restrict __s, int __n, FILE *__restrict __stream); /* Get a newline-terminated string from stdin, removing the newline. DO NOT USE THIS FUNCTION!! There is no limit on how much it will read. */ extern char *gets (char *__s); /* Like `getdelim', but reads up to a newline. */ extern _IO_ssize_t getline (char **__restrict __lineptr, size_t *__restrict __n, FILE *__restrict __stream); /* Write a string to STREAM. */ extern int fputs (__const char *__restrict __s, FILE *__restrict __stream); /* Write a string, followed by a newline, to stdout. */ extern int puts (__const char *__s); /* Push a character back onto the input buffer of STREAM. */ extern int ungetc (int __c, FILE *__stream); /* Read chunks of generic data from STREAM. */ extern size_t fread (void *__restrict __ptr, size_t __size, size_t __n, FILE *__restrict __stream); /* Write chunks of generic data to STREAM. */ extern size_t fwrite (__const void *__restrict __ptr, size_t __size, size_t __n, FILE *__restrict __s); /* Seek to a certain position on STREAM. */ extern int fseek (FILE *__stream, long int __off, int __whence); /* Return the current position of STREAM. */ extern long int ftell (FILE *__stream); /* Rewind to the beginning of STREAM. */ extern void rewind (FILE *__stream); /* Get STREAM's position. */ extern int fgetpos (FILE *__restrict __stream, fpos_t *__restrict __pos); /* Set STREAM's position. */ extern int fsetpos (FILE *__stream, __const fpos_t *__pos); /* Clear the error and EOF indicators for STREAM. */ extern void clearerr (FILE *__stream); /* Return the EOF indicator for STREAM. */ extern int feof (FILE *__stream); /* Return the error indicator for STREAM. */ extern int ferror (FILE *__stream); /* Print a message describing the meaning of the value of errno. */ extern void perror (__const char *__s); /* Return the system file descriptor for STREAM. */ extern int fileno (FILE *__stream); /* Create a new stream connected to a pipe running the given command. */ extern FILE *popen (__const char *__command, __const char *__modes); /* Close a stream opened by popen and return the status of its child. */ extern int pclose (FILE *__stream);