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Anchor Pseudo-class:

link | active | visited | hover
  A { text-decoration: none }
  A:LINK { color: red; background-color: white; }
  A:VISITED { color: #fc5604; background-color: #ffd2a6; }
  A:HOVER { color: #FF00FF; background-color: white;}
  A:ACTIVE { color: green; background-color: yellow; }

First Line Pseudo-element:


p:first-letter { font-variant: small-caps; color: red;}
Second Line.
Third Line.


First Letter Pseudo-element:

div.first:first-letter { text-transform: uppercase; color: red; font-size: 200%;}


none | block | inline | list-item
  1. Test Text

<p style="dislpay: block">

  2. Test Text

<p style="dislpay: inline">

  3. Test Text

<p style="dislpay: list-itemx">

  4. Test Text (none)

<p style="dislpay: none"


normal | pre | nowrap
style="white-space : normal"
style="white-space : pre"
style="white-space : nowrap"

Percentage Units:

A percentage value is formed by an optional + or -, followed by a number, followed by %. There are no spaces in a percentage value.
Percentage values are relative to other values, as defined for each property.

Color Units:


  #rrggbb (#00FF00)
#rgb (#F0F)
rgb (255,255,0)
rgb (0%,100%,0%)

Length Units:

  em - ems, the height of the element's fonts
ex - x-height, the height of the letter 'x'
px - pixels, relative to the canvas resolution
in - inches; lin=2.54cm
cm - centimeters; 1cm = 10mm
mm - millimeters
pt - points; 1pt = 1/72in
pc - picas; 1pc = 12pt