This "page" is not tutorial or reference for some particular subject.
It is intended for usage as "manual" to the subjects of my own private and professional interests. It is under constant development.
Anyone is welcome to use it.
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Help File
Your Help File.

Creating Shared Library
How to create a Shared Library.

vimext File
"vimext" knows how to open a new file.

Creating Man Page
How to create your own Man Page.
Forgetfulness is not just a gift from God, is not only brain process, but necessity of any human being as food, sleep ... Unfortunately, sometimes we forget essentially needed information. Even so perfect notepad as human memory can not squeeze a stream of information that goes in from outside. Hence, knowing where to find, moreover, to find quickly the information, is the only way out.

I use Linux and Unix Operation Systems that have a lot of commands. Syntax of some command (find,tar,term) is not easy to memorize.

1.   Create a file that contains usefull commands or sequances of commands.
Fragment of my command.vim file.

If you have time, create your own man page.

2.   Create your own manpage.

Quickly find your previously created file.

3.   Help File
Script and Explanation

If you use Vim and my "vimext" script, you don't need to write a header for your C, C++, Perl, and Bash programming files manually.

4.   Vimext File
vimext script.
List of subpages that are ready or contain some information