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       this - pointer

       The  this  pointer  is a special pointer that exists for a
       class while a nonstatic member function is  executing.  It
       is a pointer to an object of the type of the class, and it
       points to the object for which the  member  function  cur­
       rently is executing.

       void Date::month_display()
	    // These two statements do the same thing.
	    cout << month;
	    cout << this -> month;

       One  use of this pointer allows member functions to return
       the invoking objet (or its address or a reference  to  it)
       to the caller.

       // Overloaded Date assignment.
       Date& Date::operator=(const Date& dt)
	   if (this != &dt)
	       mo =;
	       da = dt.da;
	       yr = dt.yr;
	       delete [] month;
	       if (dt.month != 0)
		   month = new char [strlen(dt.month)+1];
		   strcpy(month, dt.month);
		   month = 0;
	   return *this;

			Anatoliy Urbanskiy

			   May 18, 2001